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Human Bio Specimens for Research

Human Bio Specimens for Research

Why are Human Biospecimens Important for Research?

Precision medicine is an emerging approach for preventing and treating an illness. This approach considers individual differences in genes, environment, and lifestyle to understand how to tailor treatments for each patient. This approach will allow doctors and researchers to better predict which treatment and prevention strategies will work for a disease in certain groups of people. With permission, scientists are also analyzing a vast amount of clinical information about patients' health and disease, taken from patient records and clinical trials to help them identify disease patterns. Biospecimens can provide a bridge between emerging molecular information and clinical information to diagnose and treat disease in new and more effective ways. Research biospecimens provide unique and essential resources for future research aimed at improving precision medicine. Therefore, the availability of many high-quality biological samples or biospecimens is the foundation for this important research.

While each bio sample is unique and very important, when added to other bio samples, important medical discoveries can be made to advance everybody's future medical care, especially with difficult to treat diseases like cancer.

SBS has access to solid human tissue from oncology patients as well as those undergoing surgery for other conditions. We can procure tissue richly annotated with molecular and genetic characterizations; examples of solid human's tissue include.

Fresh, Frozen or Fixed Tissue

Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) Blocks

Our Services include:

  • Normal and Disease Samples
  • Blood Products
  • Biological Tissues/ Cancer FFPE Blocks